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Hello, I'm Stephanie!

I have been a professional massage therapist since 2009 after receiving my license from the Academy of Palm Beach in Lake Worth, Florida. I began my career working in a chiropractor office treating primarily injured clients. This was the first time that I truly saw the positive impact deep tissue massage and sports massage could have on a person.

Following that experience I worked as a specialist for PGA National. This gave me the opportunity to master the art of high-end massage and provide clients from all over the world an escape into the relaxing paradise of massage. In 2015 I received my Facial Specialty license in order to bring even more rejuvenating services to my clients.

Now after years of hard work I am excited to bring you Lavender Massage and Skin Care, my own Massage & Facial spa. Here I believe I can combine the relaxing appeal of traditional massage with the medicinal affects I have found it can provide. So please contact me and indulge yourself in the relaxing and healing treatment your body needs.

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